This morning, as the referendum voting was getting under way, a Greek friend wrote:

It's a completely irrational situation. I don't trust anyone, either the Greek government or the Greek people or the Germans or the IMF or the EC or the ECB etc.: they've all failed. The first to accept this will be the one who might offer us an opportunity of redemption. I think Greece deserves such an opportunity.

Tonight the referendum result from Greece is in and it was a very decisive outcome.  Although it is right to claim that nobody comes out of this well, I am glad of a 'no' because it is clear that the neoliberal austerity policies applied to Greece have utterly failed, and across the western world the opportunity to reshape economic power and accountability which the global economic crisis offered has been shamefully missed.

Two people ought to go now. One is Wolfgang Shaeuble who has played the hardest of hard ball in the negotiations and has tried to undermine the legitimacy of the Tsipras government with their own people.  The other is, Christine Lagarde, the arch priestess of austerity, who has been constantly patronising towards Greek delegates in negotiation telling them to stop behaving like children.

Sadly for the Greek people they will remain at the centre of this real-time political and economic experiment whatever now happens. If only for their bravery in embracing this they deserve our solidarity.