Another catch-up post from earlier in the year:

Dear Mr Johnson

I am writing about the Huawei decision, but also about the way that it derives from and contributes to the distorted view of the world in which you have trapped your country.

On the basis of what is in the public domain, the decision seems utterly perverse and contradicts the first duty of the state to protect the realm and its citizens. It would seem that whilst it might have been possible to insulate critical infrastructure in 4G it may not be possible in 5G. And even if you can protect it, where do you draw the line? - what meaning has the protection of defence capacities and nuclear power stations if water, electricity and food supplies are all left vulnerable? And even if all this can be protected, what kind of government is it that leaves the communications of ordinary citizens and their businesses open to spying, disruption and political or personal exploitation by a foreign power? Or buy a technology which reportedly is intimately involved in the repression of the Uighurs and the wider construction of a Chinese surveillance state?

This will not be the first perverse choice that you will find yourself facing over the next 12 months which directly derive from Britain’s shrinking scope for political choice which I understand you dignify with the extreme euphemism ‘taking back control.’  You have so poisoned the wells of national life that all the sacred shibboleths of Tory policy – a sound currency, the primacy of business, the centrality of the Union, a respect for pragmatism and human decency and a suspicion of ideology and prejudice, a country with international respect and influence beyond its weight – have been sacrificed on the bonfire of your personal vanity and dog-whistle racism, and the deep, defiant ignorance of many of your ministers.

You now want the country to come together under your programme, such as it is.   I cannot and will not assent because to do so would be to deny the values my parents handed down to me, deny truth over lies, deny that your austerity caused more excess deaths per year in Britain than when we were under attack in the second world war, deny accountability for the deep inequalities between and within our regions, and deny the freedom and opportunity of my grandchildren.  I will continue to utterly repudiate and defy you, as the whole of Britain must come to do if the country is to recover its self-respect and respect of others.

Yours sincerely

Peter Healey