This year is the 60th anniversary of the English queen coming to the throne.  Michael Gove, who rather disturbingly has some responsibility for the minds of our children as our Secretary of State for education, has suggested that people across the country should club together to buy the queen a new royal yacht.  A royal yacht, it should be pointed out, does not mean some 5m dinghy of the kind that will be raced in the forthcoming Olympics, but a full size oceanic ship, costing £100m or more.  For one of the world’s richest women, a real present from the nation. With one small nudge, this idea could be developed into something that could be welcomed by all who are seeing their jobs disappear, their pensions and other benefits cut, their social services compromised or privatised, as we appease the bankers. The tweak would be that all who subscribed to the building of the royal yacht would have their own cabin on board, and would have a lifelong duty to accompany the queen and rest of the royal family whilst the ship endlessly cruised the world, seeking those who appreciate the true social value of the passengers. One can only imagine the great surge of emotion here as the ship leaves port for the start of its never-ending voyage, the enthusiasm of our farewells. A real present to the nation. With apologies to Douglas Adams