Cambridge University is doing some research on coincidences.  Here are my two: Music coincidence Some eight years ago, after a period of some difficulty in finding a job which suited her, my step-daughter got a job with a company called Saffron.  Cue great pleasure in the family, which was visiting Hungary at the time for a family event.  In my case this took the form of singing to my stepdaughter, no doubt with boring repetition, the first words of Donovan's 1967 song Mellow Yellow, (familiar to me since I am of his vintage): "I'm just wild about Saffron, and Saffron's wild about me..." Back in London she took up the job and one evening we went out for a drink to celebrate.  Just as we walked through the door of a local bar in West Hampstead out of the music system came Donovan's voice singing "I'm just wild about Saffron, and Saffron's wild about me..." Coin coincidence The second coincidence took place on 1 July 2003.  This account is as I sent it to a colleague in an email the next day, although with some names and subject details left out: Yesterday I had lunch with X from Y. X told me, amongst other things, that the Z consortium had got some 800k euros from the King Baudouin Foundation to carry out some experimental research. He was considering using the grant to pursue either subject A or B. On my way back from lunch in the tube yesterday I was thinking of the grant and its unusual provenance in the King Baudouin Foundation, which I hadn't heard of before.  I was also idly musing about how to spell Baudouin and not confuse it with Bedouin, the Arab tribe.  When I got home I decided to go to the gym and was packing my gym bag - used several times a week - when I noticed a glint of silver in it.  I reached in and pulled out a coin - it was an old Belgian franc piece with King Baudouin on the obverse.