From time to time I send letters to the Guardian newspaper, a decreasing proportion of which get published. It is probably fair to put these up here to illustrate my follies, and some of the follies of the times from my perspective. This one is from Thursday, just before the Brussels summit at which the UK found itself in a minority of one: The UK is irrelevant to the immediate solution of the Eurozone crisis and will deserve obloquy from the 17 if Cameron petulantly demands that the European summit revolves round his trailed version of national interests. Perhaps he should realise that “complete independence for our financial sector”, one of today’s demands from his back-benchers, is hardly a reassuring slogan in the light of what the financial history of the last four years has done to Europe’s pensions and jobs. Much of what else his party think necessary to preserve our identity seems to our European neighbours like the old arrogant British habit of dancing with the ghosts of empire rather than having the courage to do what others less obsessed with their own history have done: look at the world honestly as it is and learn, adapt and profit accordingly.